Marriage Sherpa|Make You Irresistible to Your Man…


Melt Your Man’s Heart is the new approach to couples therapy.

Latest Relationship Science Reveals Groundbreaking Methods to:

  • Make You Irresistible to Your Man…
  • Re-ignite the Passion and Romance in Your Relationship…
  • Make Him Genuinely Interested in Re-building a Deeply Fulfilling and Intensely Loving Relationship with You in 90 Days or Less…


With Marriage Sherpa you’ll discover:

  • The skills that make you a Perfect 10 in the eyes of your husband. (These are the skills that attract men like a magnet.)
  • 3 questions that will help you get clear on what you want. (Men absolutely adore women who know what they want.)
  • The direct method of communication that men find attractive. (You’ll learn how you can quickly change the course of a bad conversation by using a method called Emotional Reaction Redirection.)
  • A highly effective and healthy way to release any pent-up anger, resentment, disappointment and frustration before you talk to your husband. (This will stop every fight before it starts and help your husband “hear what you’re saying” without feeling overheated.)
  • One way to ask him for anything and get it without hearing him complain or criticize. (Your man wants to crawl over broken glass for you and simply changing how you make a request will instantly remove any defensive feelings that stop him from giving you what you need.)


Change You and Change Your Marriage…

We’ve already learned how science supports that your spouse can change… well the good news is that you can change too. And it’s remarkably easy to kill the bad habits that quash the love when you have the right coaching.

The truth about lasting change is this… Real change only happens when we stop the habits that trigger negative responses in the brain.

Inside of Melt Your Man’s Heart, you’ll quickly identify what’s tearing your relationship apart and what you need to do and say to draw your husband like a magnet.

Now for the first time you’ll receive Randy’s expert help to:

  • Step inside a man’s brain and see how he thinks. (Get him to feel more comfortable with you than his buddies.)
  • Discover where his negative attitude of you came from. (And how you can slowly change it forever.)
  • Discover the single most important subconscious need of a man. (Take notice of this ONE thing and you’ll immediately generate good feelings and make him feel encouraged, wanted and supported.)
  • How to talk to him the way he feels comfortable. (I’ll show you how men communicate and how you can modify your communication to help him feel relaxed opening up to you.)
  • Uncover the one sentence that will stop him from treating you terribly. (Once a man hears this, his brain immediately understands what’s at stake and is hard-pressed not to respond.)
  • Discover the 3 common criticisms women unknowing make that dismember their man’s sense of manhood. (Men won’t tell you what discourages them… now you’ll know what not to say before he retreats.)
  • Uncover how your man wants to be reassured. (If you want to see a smile on his face, start by complimenting him on this…)
  • Learn why the latest research studies say you should never withhold sex. (Sex is a major validation for men. Discover 5 reasons why withholding sex is relationship homicide.)
  • Discover communication DO’s and DON’Ts. (What women say and what men hear.)
  • How you can help your man expresses his thoughts and feelings to you. (Women’s communication tactics often make men feel overwhelmed. Your man’s distance may simply mean he’s trying to connect with what you are saying.)

Marriage Sherpa Testimonial

God Bless Marriage Sherpa, and God Bless you Randy.

You have helped me so much in my dealings with my husband. He was more open and less defensive when he knew my questions were coming from your guidance support.”

Dorothy A.

Thanks so much for being there for me!

I have grown a lot and I have learned so much. I felt trapped and hopeless before I got involved with this program. You have helped me to see that there really are options out there. You really encouraged me to try something new with my husband that works.”

Kathy J.